on 03/17/16, 09:29 pm

A new article for my project ''THE MAN BEHIND THE HELMET'' is available, "Incendies''

When I first initiated this project, there were two categories of events I was very keen to see: childbirth en route to the hospital, in the rescue vehicle, and at least one fire. Let’s kill the suspense immediately; to my great disappointment and the vast relief of the men, the child never came. The delivery of a baby into the world is a potentially difficult situation, fraught with many unknown factors, for the mother and for the child. It can easily get out of hand and turn into a very serious problem. It left me with the fires, and I had the opportunity to follow my team in several occasions.

Fire is a really impressive monster. A primitive, destructive force, which devours more or less anything it touches. Furniture, paints, chemicals, plastics. Everything that is part of our environment.

At the beginning, I failed to see why it inspires such passion in almost all the firefighters, and especially the reason of the flicker of excitement I saw in their eyes. I asked them many questions before witnessing my first fire. I truly wanted to understand why they seemed so filled with wonder when they left or came back from an intervention, or showed me some pictures of “their” fires. The most frequent answer was that fire is really the most important of all the topics studied during their training, theoretical or practical. Of course, I understood the logic of this answer, but something was missing. This could not totally explain the ...

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