About Me

Photographer and globetrotter, I have immortalized a great number of weddings, everywhere in the world: New York, Boston, Porto Rico, London, Salzburg, Warsaw, Paris, Lyon, Nice…

My pictures have been exhibited in various galleries, and I frequently work for a different magazines.

I am also the official photographer of companies like Degas, designer of tutus, ballet shoes and leotards, one of the suppliers of the Ballet School of the Opéra de Paris.

The passion for photography has been in my family for four generations. My great-grandfather was a cinematographer and his two sons became photographers. It was with his wife and children that my grandfather developed the family photography business. Today my cousins and I perpetuate this tradition.

From a young age, I lived and traveled all over France, from Provence where I was born, to Normandy where I was schooled, and Lyon where I lived as a young adult. Once of age, I traveled the world; today, after New York where I have lived almost 10 years, it is from Connecticut that I fly all over the world at the request of my clients, or to organize my exhibitions and photograph weddings.

Photography, for me, is the art of opening a window on a moment in time. I believe that, through photography, I can lend my eyes to show others how I see the world.