My partners

My profession often leads me to collaborate with other photographers or video artists, but not solely. While working on marriages, photo sessions and projects of every kinds, I have had the occasion to meet numerous individuals from various professional circles. With the ones I found the most competent and dependable, I developed partnerships ensuring that our customers can be certain of getting an excellent service, by a team capable of working in complete collaboration.

Whether you need support for your marriage or a photo session, I can gather a professional team, and thus help you simplify all your investigations and plannings.

Valentin Hager - Video Maker - Europe

Valentin is the perfect example of a smiling but discreet presence. He possesses the art to put everyone at ease, couples or models, and knows how to make himself invisible at the right moment. He has a passion for cinema, filming and everything involved in picture composition.

When we work together, he only has to listen to my explanations to the models or couples to understand the image I see in my mind’s eye.

Valentin is perfectly fluent in English.

Pierre Vincent - Photographer - France

Pierre has much more than one string to his bow: engineering, mechanics, photography, computing are only a few of the competences that define him professionally.

He is my opposite par excellence. To my social nature, he opposes his discretion. To my very intuitive view of photography, he answers by a very technical approach. When we work together, these oppositions work in synergy and we complement one another perfectly.

Pierre is perfectly fluent in English.

Claire Grasland - Make Up Artist & Photo Assistant - France

A talented make-up artist, she graduated second of her class at the École du Griffon of Lyon. She is involved in numerous photographic projects or motion pictures, as a beautician or as a model. Endowed with an acute sense of the beautiful, she has elaborated her own universe, rich and widely oriented towards all forms of arts.

We have worked together on various occasions, whether on modeling photo sessions or weddings. Claire also was by my side to help me see through some important missions, such as my collaboration with Degas, designer of tutus, ballet shoes and leotards, one of the suppliers of the Ballet School of the Opéra de Paris.

Claudia Pierozzi - Make Up Artist & Photo Assistant - Lyon

Beautician, assistant, artist and skilled at drawing, and much more… Claudia possesses numerous talents. She can just as easily talk about well-being, organic products, make-up and body care as discuss about painters and illustrators.

Gentle, with a strong character, she is the ideal person to prepare you for a photo session, support me during the shooting of your marriage and offer well-informed opinions on the sessions.

Claudia speaks Italian with perfect fluency.

Aman Husbands - Disque Jockey - New York

Aman is the worst nightmare of every man: intelligent (he holds a PhD in biology), funny (very), dazzling smile and athletic build. He even dares to be a very nice person…

If I tell you he loves music, you will answer that it is cliché to tell that a DJ loves music, but he enjoys every style and genre. He also has an encyclopedic knowledge of bands, singers, reinterpretations... He can discuss pop music, rap, jazz, for hours. The benefit of this? He will perfectly understand your tastes and what you desire, and will be able to satisfy completely.

Nathalie Huet - Translator

Nathalie lives by words and for words. Addicted since her adolescent years to English and American literature, she lives surrounded by books. She is a translator, and after beginning her career in the role-playing game domain, she has specialized in science fiction and heroic fantasy; she has translated numerous novels for several publishers, suche as Albin Michel, Bragelonne, Eclipse, Black Library.

Because we have been friends for many years, she has accepted to collaborate to the writing of the contents of this site, in French and English.

Yosko - IT Specialist

In the movie Matrix from the Wachowskis brothers, one of the characters explains that he does not see the code anymore, but the woman in red… Yosko is like him. For him, php is a second mother tongue.

He has improved my website, created by another of my friends (all my thanks to William for that) and has evolved it towards its current version, to accommodate the evolution of my needs, with secured payment online, databases, newly-weds blogs, etc.